Crockpot Recipes Make Wonderful Meals

You need to know the perfect crockpot recipes for efficient crockpot cooking. You have to find out competent recipe sites to know the art of crockpot cooking with modern recipes or the conventional recipes of beef with vegetables. We mention here some of the crockpot recipes which will be surely admired by you.

1. Beef with vegetables or potatoes –

Ingredients: Two pounds lean beef chopped into cubes, three potatoes cubed, three carrots properly sliced, one cupful of peas, two cupfuls of diced tomatoes, two onions chopped, two bay leaves, water cup, fresh grounded black pepper; teaspoon and one teaspoonful salt.

Directions: Take all the ingredients in the crockpot and keep it on minimum heat and simmer for nearly nine hours. The meal is ready to be taken with steamed rice for six heads.

2. Beef with herb –

Ingredients: Two pounds of lean beef chopped into cubes, eight oz diced bacon, six oz cubed mushrooms, two pieces each of diced onions and celery stalks, two cups of beef stock, two table spoons each of brown sugar and wine vinegar, one teaspoon each of oregano and thyme, one by third cup of ordinary flour, pinch of crushed clove and grounded nutmeg and salt and peeper to match the taste.

Directions: Heat the bacon and beef in a fry pan and stir it for three minutes to turn it brown. Add the onions and keep on stirring for three minutes once again. Take the whole mixture in a crockpot and add water, vinegar and the stock and continue stirring. Put all other ingredients and keep it for nine hours on low heat. The preparation is ready for six persons to have with steamed rice and preferably mashed boiled potatoes.

3. Chili chicken crockpot recipe Mexican style

Ingredients – Two pounds of boneless chicken breast cut into cubes, 3-4 pieces of cloves and garlic chopped fine, two big onions diced, four cups of diced tomatoes, two tablespoonfuls of cooking oil, one red capsicum diced, one cup corn kernels, two cups of chili beans, one cup of picante sauce, one teaspoonful salt, teaspoonful of freshly crushed black pepper, cumin and red chili to match the taste and green chilies are optional.

Directions: Take a large fry pan and put all the chicken cubes and saut with capsicum, onion, garlic in the vegetable oil for nearly five minutes. Take out the contents to a crockpot and add all other ingredients and put the container on low heat for five hours. The crockpot recipe has totally worked to be served on steamed rice.