Why You Should Abandon Low Calorie Diet Plans

If you are following certain low calorie diet plans such as 1200 calorie diet or 1500 calorie diet, then you should continue reading this article. In this article, we will discuss 3 points – why low calorie diet plan is a bad choice, what are the actual problems that you should target, and how you can adopt a healthy weight loss diet that actually works. After reading this article, you should know that a low calorie diet plan does not solve the right problem and you should avoid adopting it.

Firstly, you should understand that low calorie diet plans are only focusing on the symptom, which is excessive calorie intake. People usually gain weight because the calorie consumption rate is higher than the calorie burning rate. A low calorie diet plan focuses on a one-sided approach which is to reduce the calorie consumption. However, in reality, we should focus on both issues in order to lose weight healthily and effectively. Therefore, many people often find that it does not provide a very good result.

As aforementioned, we should focus on both problems, which is reducing calorie consumption rate and increasing the calorie burning rate. While a low calorie diet helps in reducing the calorie intake, it actually reduces our calorie burning rate. This is because when our body is facing malnutrition (calorie in this case), our body will turn on the survival button and reduce the usage of that particular nutrient. Therefore, after a long period of time, the effectiveness of the low calorie diet will fall, thus causing a plateau.

In order to solve this problem, you should adopt a rotational nutrient diet. A calorie-based rotational diet, is generally a low calorie diet too. However, it involves fluctuation between high calorie, low calorie and medium calorie intake. By doing this, our body will still receive “sufficient nutrient” signal occasionally, thus will not reduce the calorie burning rate. Instead, our body will increase the rate of burning due to the signals. As a result, we are able to lose weight more efficiently as compared to a general diet that requires you to restrict certain nutritional intake.